Live Your Life ...


Welcome to wrenchhead racing. An amateur drag racing team from Rochester NY that started back in the early 90's. After many years of building Street Rods with my father, one thing led to another and we ventured into the world of drag racing. It really all started with my father "Jim" back in the early 50's with Hot Rods. My father had many rods, a 32 ford coupe, a 35 Chevy coupe, multiple sedans and a host of 60' muscle cars and had always been a real gearhead. 

I can remember him telling me stories of the cars and the wild experiences he had in them, like blowing a piston through the hood of his 53 Olds racing down Lee Rd. in Rochester NY. Or the time they decided to test the brakes in down this huge hill and almost rolled the car because well...they forgot to bleed the front brakes.

The first rod my dad and I built was a 36 ford 2 dr sedan around 1977.. We found the car from a friend. It was a local car and had been in process of a restoration but the guy bailed on it. It had no floor boards or firewall and a Chevy 283 motor that needed a refresh. It was going to be a major project. For those who new my dad, he loved a challenge. We worked on it endless hours, night and day and pretty much finished it up with in a couple years. Most family vacations there after surrounded around going to car shows on the weekends and going to national Street rodding events on the east coast.